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You! You're an Autobot. Perfect. I need a bridge to Cybertron. Some slag happened- and I'm supposed to be at Elite guard training, and I'm one some mud-ball. Bridge error, probably. Anyways. Get me a bridge.

Excuse you? A scrap-head like you barking orders at me?!”

Bumblebee hissed at Smokescreen, quick to notice the other’s paint job had significantly changed, reminiscent to the one he had pre-war.

"What happened to your colours? Back to kissing Prime’s aft again, eh? You look like a fat cyberfruit…"

"So, your Bumblebee ..." he would state floating a good distance from the black and yellow mech, though close enough so that he could be seen and herd. "I've herd about you ... though only a few passing things here and there ..." he would state as he hovered there, his voice echoing slightly along the halls of The Ark. "It's a ... pleasure? ... to finally meet you?" he would state, attempting to be polite.

Bumblebee gritted his denta behind his mask, disturbed by the sight of the slender human that Prime called his “pet”. Humans were nothing but disgusting vermin as far as the dark scout was concerned.

"Why would I care about what a lower life-form like you has heard or not? Get back to your holding cell, or wherever Prime keeps freaks like your kind!”
Bumblebee shoos the little human away with his talon, trying to curb his desire to step on the sad creature end it’s miserable life.


Go frag yourself. I’m sure you’re good at that.

How did that Energon vomit taste after you licked it off your own crotch plate? You’re one true skill is suction.


Why is my spark stinging

Because you’re an fraggin’ idiot. There’s your answer to everything.



"Or I will rip you apart, slowly. Limb by limb. Pull off individual digits. Do you want that, Goldbug? Give me the high grade."

He’s trying his best to look threatening, but that is somewhat difficult when he’s still suck on the floor.

And he’s absolutely vicious here, drawing some energon here from biting.

"Absolutely correct. You might end up with no equipment. But I suppose that wasn’t getting any use anyhow, now was it?"

Bumblebee was very displeased by this bite, and it was a tad painful. To teach Smokescreen a lesson, he took his bitten talon and gauged it into the other mech’s optical socket until energon and sparks flew out.

"Nasty, nasty little fragger…” Bee stood up from his crouching position and poured the entire cube down his own intake, swallowing every drop. He then lowered his helm right above Smokescreen’s crotch plate, and licked it with his long glossa.

"I can be very nasty too…”
He then stuck a talon down his intake pipe, causing his tank to purge up all the high grade and bile, splattering it all over Smokescreen’s lower half, seeping into his interface panel seams. The tank bile cleared his systems of any trace of the addictive high grade, and with a devious chuckle, he flew off, leaving Smokescreen covered in high grade seeker vomit.



He’s trying to not whine and panic while in the air. He really hates flying. Smokescreen will at some point start kicking Bumblebee, before falling on the ground. He’s pretty sure he’s twisted something, but he’s not about to admit that, and will glare up at Bee, still drinking up the rest of that cube.

"You said you would give it to me and end the humiliation. Give it to me. Now."

”..Or you’ll do what, Scrapscreen?” He said teasingly.
"You’re the one laying flat on the ground like a deactivated land mine. Shame on you for believing me!"

Bumblebee sat on Smokescreen’s chest, with his closed interface panel rutting against the other’s chin plate. He dipped a single talon inside the cube and traced it over Smokescreen’s lip components, seeing just how viciously the other would bite back.

"I’m tempted to put this in a very naughty place, but I worry you might try to gnaw it off. Am I right?~”



He’s looking pretty smug, really, on top of Bee like this.

"Yes, I have. All of the cubes. Now- what?"

He’s soon clinging to Bumblebee, doing his best to not look down and stay on, optics shut. Why why why why why- why. Ugh. Fliers.

Bumblebee laughed maniacally as he flew through the air with Smokescreen on his back. He did several vertical loops with the ill-mannered tactician in tow. 
"You wanna be on top? This is what you get with a seeker!"
He finally flew under a low overhand and clotheslined Smokescreen, knocking him to the ground.

Bee landed on his stiletto seeker pedes, right on top of Smokescreen’s chassis and unceremoniously poured the other half of the cube in the other mech’s gaping mouth.

"Hmmm, just one more left~" Bee said as he twirled it on his talon.



Smokescreen’s glaring at Bumblebee with that backhand, holding back the urge to return the gesture. He is the one giving high grade, after all.

Again? Dipping the high grade on himself? Perhaps Bee wanted him to bite his wings off. He could try that, at least.

He will take the opportunity to give Bee’s aft a kick, before, settling down on top of him and helping himself to seeker wings dipped in high grade.

And he wasn’t holding back at all here. Between licking off , he would give hard bites, leaving notable marks along the edges of the wings at the very least, while trying to make Bee bleed, and actually attempted to bite off the tip of his wings.

But thorough he was, and he tried to get as much high grade as he could off of the other’s wings. He’d stay seated on the other, with no intention of getting off him unless he hears something about getting high grade.

"Now give me the rest of the cubes already."

Between the licks and the bites, Bumblebee became both pleased and angered. He felt the dents being imprinted on his wings, which he would proudly wear and show off to that smarmy red doctor. Bumblebee wore each scratch and dent he ever earned like a badge earned; quite the opposite of certain bots that strive for immaculate finishes.

"Fine, you’re earned it, but not before I drop your dumb aft!"" Bee sneered. Smokescreen must have thought he was so clever to mount Bee and hold him down. The seeker wouldn’t stand for this. He fired up his jet engines and switched to his altmode, with Smokescreen still hitched on.

*gives you a shock collar*

Bumblebee inspects the shock collar, and suddenly remembers Smokesceen was turned into a dragon by the magic grey faces.

"Thanks, I’ll put this to good use~"

(Same white cat tackles bee to the ground before running off laughing.) "Haha, catch me if you can youngling!!" (Ditto teased, edging the evil bee to chase her.)

Bumblebee was not about to take any nonsense from the cat-like creature. He lowered his mask and displayed his gruesome face.


"If I catch you, I will crush your frame with my fangs, and enjoy every klik as I extinguish your little feline spark!"